April 11

Sing movie review

Sing movie review

I was so lucky to go to this film. There was drama, frustration and victory all amongst that. It was an amazing animation and to me it was top-notch. My mum dad and me were invited by my friend to watch it. The characters were so funny. Everyone cracked up and when I was getting too loud and mum told me to shhh the lady in front of us said ´we’re expecting lots of noise from this endnd.´ (Notway).


The main characters were Buster Moon the Koala, Miss Crawly the Lizard with the loose eye, Ash the porcupine and of course Johnny the gorilla with the voice of an angel. I admire the way everything happened from beginning to end. Including the very last scene.  Meena has very powerful lungs with her song at the end. ( Not spoiling anything). It brought the wall down, literally.


I would definitely this movie if it’s still in the cinemas. If not, go down to your local movie shop and watch this movie. It is almost like magic in the air. But there is one problem.

Parents don’t want kids on their gluteus maximus the whole day. So kids out there say it’s movie night tonight!
The end

April 11

100 WC

I felt like doing the 100 word challenge, so enjoy!

The prompt is …but how could something so tiny…


I was so bored. I had to pack but that is so boring do.Mum was telling me to get ready.

We were moving houses. When we finally got there I stopped in my tracks. Mum never  told me that it was a victorian house.

I got myself to move towards the house. My room was upstairs between two bathrooms. I found a chest of draws and dumped all my clothes in there.

All of a sudden I was on the ground. And then something crept up on me.

The pain ran through my bones. Then everything went red and black.

Thanks for reading. 🙂

April 3

Global Racism

I have chosen the topic of racism. 

People since the start of time have judged people on their race and color.  Groups have been formed against the people that are different. It’s like saying that you have to bake healthy rather than unhealthy you wouldn’t want to listen but what if it was a law, you would have to listen.

Put yourself in the other people’s shoes. Some of them have been forced to leave their country because they were not wanted. Then they would have to live in a part of the land in the new country that accepted them to keep a little bit of the land. Then they would stay under lock and key in barbed wire so that they can’t leave. They would also have guards walking around to make sure no-one went mad because they wanted to go back to their country. How ever, if the black people refused to go the people trying to drive them out would either start a war or kill them.

Around the 1960’s kids with darker skin were allowed to go to school but were always sent to detention no matter what they did. All the other kids would laugh and call them names. Parents would have severe warning’s if they had darker skin or sent to jail for no good reason.

The racism comments from people nowadays have not been so horrific but racism will always be happening unless everyone who complains about people with different skin  color be quiet and deal with it if they don’t like. Because darker skinned people have been dealing with it for thousands of years.