May 29

Another another 100WC



I was left at the top of a clock tower without a clue of who I was or where I was from. I didn’t even know my name. Then there was a sudden flash of lightning. It struck me as if I didn’t matter. In the flash of lightning I saw an opening in the sky. After that I fell to the floor left to die. When I came to, if I came to I found I was floating on a strange object. My life that I had forgotten came to my mind just as it shut down. I remembered…

May 25

Pink shirt day!!!!!!!!!!

Pink day is about a guy from Nova Scotia who was bullied because he was wearing a pink shirt. There were two others guys who heard about the bullied guy a bought 50 pink shirts for everyone they knew. The next day everyone were wearing pink shirts to sand up to the bullies. This day happens every 21st of may.


May 15

The very best post (fantasy)

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It all started in a happy village filled with happy people and happy animals. No one was sad or angry. There was a girl and a boy. They were twins. Their father had died in a accidental fight and their mother died of and unfortunate cancer. She didn’t have any last dying words. She just did this really peculiar thing, she breathed out fire and then she breathed out water. The same happened to the father when he got knocked out forever. After that the children’s lives fell apart. They went to a orphanage but they broke out of it, the police chased them all the way to Colorado from Vancouver. Then they ended up in this village that everything was happy. Until one day. Rose was sick, very sick. In fact it was a kind of sick no one would get. She was throwing up fire. Now her brother, Nick was also sick but not in the same way, he was throwing up water. It flooded the whole village putting out the fire, Everyone else thought this as dangerous so they locked them up. As Nick and Rose waited for the police Nick saw something, a tiny gap where only tiny people could go through. He thought that maybe Rose could fit through the whole and make the whole larger so he could go through. He got her attention and she could get through but she wasn’t strong enough to stretch it. She was very good at making things though so she made some weird contraption to open it up. They got away in the middle of the night nearly caught. They ran as far away as they could. They knew where they were going without telling. They were off to their mums grave…

May 11

Another 100 WC

The prompt ‘I just couldn’t eat something so…’

My family and I had just finished eating dinner aboard the Navigator. Before we went kayaking and jumping into the sound. Dinner was a delicious all you can eat restaurant. I could see the dessert coming out from behind the doors. As the chef walked into the saloon, my mouth started to water uncontrollably. I just couldn’t eat something so beautiful. There was raspberry cheesecake, pavlova, apple and cherry pie, mud cake, fruit salad and a traditional cheese board. It was my dream come true, all this. Mum warned me not to take to much, she didn’t need to though…

The end…

Image result for massive dessert buffet unprofessional on a boat That was pretty much what I was talking about.

May 8

My birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My birthday was around about 6 days ago. I turned a certain age, but will not tell anyone. Anyway I got some really cool presents which I opened in the morning with croissants. My favourite present was the phone I got. Its my first one so this might give away something. I also got ALOT of sudoku(YAY). Unfortunately I had to go to school on the same day. After school I hung around until I had my after school activities. For dinner I wanted butter chicken but somehow got pizza. I had a yogurt lemon cake with creamy icing.1 day ago I had my birthday party. We went to laser force and then went to my house. We ate food, opened presents and played crazy games. I have now got four sudoku’s to keep me busy.

And that was my B-day!